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TRSS is a small friendly Society concentrating on the recreational riding sector in Scotland, which includes riding centres offering riding lessons and student training plus livery yards offering livery in stunning countryside.

This site features approved riding centres offering a wide range of trekking and riding holidays and whether you are a complete novice keen to sample your first trek on a quiet beach or an experienced rider looking for a trail ride adventure on horseback, you won´t be disappointed.

The Summer Season is upon us

News Posted on Mon, June 10, 2019 16:24:59

Centres all over the country are reporting a good start to the season and bookings for the summer months are filling up fast. If you wish to ride during your holidays, please contact the riding centre of your choice as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Very few centres can accommodate riders who turn up on the off chance, especially during the height of the summer.
Horses and staff can only accommodate a set number of riders per week and care has to be taken not to ask horses to work over their allocated hours to prevent injury. Horses need time off to recover during the busy season and some centres will have set rest days when no riding is available or will stagger the available horses to let each horse or pony have a days rest. Centres also adhere to a strict weight limit to prevent back injuries and centres will ask you for an honest weight when booking. Horses and ponies have a maximum amount of weight they can be asked to carry but this also takes into account the weight of the saddle and any other piece of tack or equipment they carry. Riders should wear lightweight clothing with long sleeves to protect arms and legs from insects and scrapes, with suitable footwear, preferably a boot with a small heel – no shorts and no trainers. Some centres provide toe stoppers for riders with less than ideal footwear or can lend a suitable pair of boots if you don’t have anything you can use. If in doubt, speak to the centre staff in advance and make sure you can still ride. Riding hats will be provided to the current standard and it is advisable to wear lightweight gloves to prevent chaffing and to remove all jewellery to prevent injury. Wet weather clothing or warm clothing may be required depending on how the weather is behaving. You don’t need the latest gear to ride but you do want to be comfortable.

Patrick Print Demo and TRSS AGM

News Posted on Wed, May 15, 2019 13:47:22

It is with great pleasure, I announce Patrick Print, OBE, FBHS will be delivering a pole work demo to aid with improving suppleness and sure-footedness as part of the TRSS AGM and Members Day on Monday 20th May with an 11am start at Crieff Hydro indoor arena. As we have had interest in the session from outside the membership, we have opened up the demo to non member centres at a cost of £5 on the door. Member centres and staff are free. For the membership, we are using the Highlander Room in the Hydro for the rest of the programme from 1pm and will have a short break for lunch before starting the short AGM and members discussions. If you wish to attend the demo, please forward your name through the website and I will add you to the list.

Blair Castle Ponies

News Posted on Sun, March 24, 2019 17:27:31

The best way to enjoy the Blair Castle grounds and see the sights. They will be a sad loss.

Closure of Blair Castle Trekking Centre

News Posted on Sun, March 24, 2019 17:21:42

Sadly, Blair Castle Trekking Centre has closed and public riding will not longer be available. Blair Castle was one of the early pioneers of pony trekking and the Blair Castle Highland ponies were well known through their trekking and deer stalking activities. Blair was one of the centres who operated on a seasonal basis, opening in late March and operating until the ponies were required for stalking duties. This only gave four clear months where they could earn money and with the ever increasing costs and requirements associated with running a centre for such a short time, it was no longer viable. It is a sad time for Debbie who has worked for half her life with the Blair Castle Highland ponies and for many riders who annually made the trip to Blair Atholl to ride in the wonderful setting of Blair Castle.
Blair Castle Highland Ponies enjoying the view

Equine Flu

News Posted on Thu, March 07, 2019 11:56:52

Equine flu continues to be a concern in Scotland with more cases in Central and North-Eastern areas. The strain of Florida Clade 1 is reported to be the current problem which both ProteqFlu and Equilis Prequenza vaccines cover. The vaccine used can be checked on equine passports. If equines in risk areas have not been vaccinated over the last six months, a booster has been advised.
With the busy season for riding centres fast approaching, it’s important to weight up the risks of movement between riders and horses. Unfortunately it is an impossible task to prevent someone from bringing the virus in with them if they have had contact with horses who have the virus as they may not know they have been in contact. It will be worrying time for businesses who rely in bringing in money during the busy periods to keep the business running.

Closure of Carr-Bridge Trekking Centre

News Posted on Thu, March 07, 2019 11:06:28

Sadly, following the death of Ian McInnes earlier in the year, the decision has been taken to close down the pony trekking. The centre was one of the longest standing members of the Society and was operational from 1976 when Ian and his wife Isobel started the business. It was one of the last pure trekking centres left as many had moved into lessons or other activities.
Over the last few years, the ponies changed from english saddles to lightweight western saddles which helped the riders to keep their balance and be stable in the saddle. The ponies found this system to work well and it decreased the chance of having a fall. It’s sad to see it go but running a riding centre of any kind has so many financial and legislative burdens, it is no longer viable in many cases.

Death of Ian McInnes of Carr-Bridge Trekking Centre

News Posted on Thu, December 20, 2018 10:33:48

Ian McInnes of Carr-Bridge Trekking Centre, one of the long standing TRSS member centres, died suddenly at home on Sunday 16th December. His funeral will be held at Carr-Bridge Parish Church at 12 noon on Friday 21st December, followed by burial at Carr-Bridge Cemetery. One of the old school, Ian, who was a very experienced horseman, opened the trekking centre with his late wife when trekking was becoming popular. As trekking and the tourism industry began to change with health and safety and legislation becoming more and more involved, Ian had to adapt to stay in business. Despite having to remain indoors for the last couple of years on oxygen, Ian still ran the business from his kitchen with the help of Gillian Sutherland, a loyal and competent staff member who has been with Ian for many years. He still kept an eye on what was happening in the yard and was determined to keep the trekking running. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time and we hope his grandson will be taking up the reins and continuing the trekking tradition from Ellan House.

Saddles for Sale

News Posted on Wed, November 21, 2018 11:33:04

Danielle at Eat Sleep Ride in Eyemouth, TD14 5TN, phone 07516 360235 email: has seven saddles for sale. If you are interested in any of the following, please contact Danielle for more information and photographs of the saddles. The Sandringham saddle is pictured.

Wintec 500 GP Saddle. Very good condition. 17″ seat. Brown with CAIR Cushion System and Easy Change Fit Solution with a 5″ gullet.(Red). £300 ono.

Wintec 500 Wide GP Saddle. Very good condition. 161/2″ seat. Brown with CAIR Cushion System and Easy Change Fit Solution with a 41/2″ gullet.(White). £300 ono

Kieffer Black Dressage Saddle. Very good condition. 18″ seat, gullet 5″. £300 ono

Wintec 500 Wide GP Saddle. Very good condition. Brown with 16″ seat, CAIR Cushion System, Easy Change Fit Solution with a 5″ gullet.(Purple) £300 ono

General Purpose Black Leather Saddle, in good condition with a 17″ seat. Size stated as 17″XW. Gullet 6″. £300 ono

General Purpose Black Leather Sandringham Saddle. 17″ seat with a gullet of 5″. Good condition.300 ono

Lightweight Inky Dinky Saddle. Black leather approx 15″ seat and gullet of 4″. Designed to help young riders balance and gain confidence. £150 ono

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